The Three Thirds Principle

After years of practice in delivering training courses and workshops, we’ve come up with this simple principle that guides the development and delivery of most of our instructional activities. The whole experience in divided in three thirds: one part is theory, one part is examples and one part is exercises. Here are a few more details to better understand how it works and what are the main benefits.

The Theory-Third

There is nothing more practical than a good theory” said Kurt Lewin. This is the part that will give you the background understanding, the theories and concepts as defined by the industry’s best practices.

You will get the what, why and how at a level that’s just enough to get you going and applying the theory. You also get the tips about where to find more details when needed and if needed.

The Examples-Third

All our instructors have years of hands-on experience. Whatever problem you are facing right now, most likely we’ve seen it already in other situations. We share with you stories, examples and case studies from our own experience or from the industry.

This will help you, the learner to understand how things actually work in real life. We use abstract examples to grasp the essence but also examples from your domain to make it relevant.

The Exercises-Third

Here you will work with your instructor to apply the learning to a case study prepared for you. You will have to recall all the learning, adjust and personalise it to a particular context. You will basically learn by doing.

Once you’re done, you’ll have to present to other, be convincing but also learn how you can use feedback to improve your work. You are also expected to contribue to other participants work by proving your own feedback and considerations.


This approach will yield some interesting benefits like:

  • People will remember more from the training course
  • They will see how it’s applicable to their day-to-day work
  • It develops not only their cognitive skills but also creativity, imagination and empathy
  • Makes it a very fun and memorable experience
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