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We are a project management firm on a mission to improve individual and organisational performance by using project management methods, practices and tools. We do this through consulting services and by training people who are involved in projectised work.


We put together knowledge, experience and fun to help you improve the way you work. We’ve made it our life mission to help you and your colleagues improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

"Our promise to you is that we’ll do everything in our power to help you improve the way you manage your projects."  
Florian Ivan, Managing Director  (read more)

We started in 2011 and continue to grow ever since. We’ve expanded into new domains like digital learning and new markets. We serve clients from all over the world from our offices in Switzerland.

We do our best to help our clients in two areas:

▸ optimise delivery processes to increase efficiency
▸ build better products to deliver more value

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