Project Management Public Courses Online

Learn project management from professionals and enjoy the comfort of your own home (or kitchen!). You’ll get to know people from different organisations and various domains and learn from each other’s experience. Read more

How’s Your Organizational Agility?

Agile is a proven way to enhance your business, boost innovation, and accelerate growth. We can help you improve your Agile practice across the entire organisation to improve time-to-market, raise employee morale, and become a truly agile organisation. Read more

Project Management Simulation

SimulTrain® is a game-based online simulation which allows learners to acquire core project management competencies while improving teamwork and leadership skills in a realistic & fast-paced environment. Read more

Why Switzerland is Perfect for Agile

Switzerland is often regarded as a traditional country that lags behind other countries in adopting new trends and concepts, on both business and technological levels. This might explain why Switzerland has not fully embraced agility as a mindset and methodology within its companies. Surprisingly, its deep-rooted values constitute the perfect breeding ground for agility, more so than in any other country. Read more

How to Take More Risks

Almost everybody I’ve ever worked with thought of me as being a bit paranoid. I kept telling them that I’m just really good at and focused on risk management. So, what is the difference between being paranoid and risk management? Read more