Emotional Intelligence – Explained in Just a Few Words

Because everybody writes at length about it, not to mention the talking, here’s a primer on the topic of emotional intelligence.

Why not more theory about it? It’s simple! If you’re really concerned about the topic you should be thinking more about applying it rather than reading about it.

A simple model of Emotional Intelligence is what do you see and what do you do about yourself and about other people. Here’s what is looks like.


You know how you feel, you are aware of your emotions and how they affect you and your actions. You also know how your actions will affect people around you emotionally.


You can control your emotions, behaviour and actions and are able to adjust them depending on the context.

Social Awareness

You use empathy in relationship with other people and have a deep understanding of their emotions and feelings.

Relationship management

You can build and develop meaningful relationships and are able to communicate effectively with people around you.

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