Training Courses: Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

The course provides the framework to create, manage, and maintain schedules in a project environment. Project scheduling ensures the development of effective schedule models through the application of skills, tools, techniques, and intuition acquired through knowledge, formal and informal training, and experience.


Project Managers
Program Managers
PMO Officers
Project management specialists


Introduction to scheduling
   – Why scheduling?
   – Purpose and applicability
Plan schedule management
   – Define activities
   – Sequence activities
   – Estimate activity durations
   – Develop schedule
Schedule principles and concepts
   – Project life cycles and scheduling approaches
   – Scheduling tool
   – Schedule model instances and presentation
   – Agile
Schedule model best practices
   – Schedule data management plan
   – Schedule management plan
   – Schedule model creation
   – Schedule model maintenance
   – Schedule model analysis
Scheduling components
   – Components list
   – Components by category
   – Detailed component list


▸ Fully aligned to PMI’s Practice Standard for Scheduling Management 3rd Edition


  • This course in available in English, French, German


  • 2-3 days in classroom  (4 days with certification preparation)
  • Also available as online or virtual delivery
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