Building Agile Leadership

Leading the Way

When it comes to leadership we normally work on three axes: agile championsagile, coachesagile management.

Agile Champions

These people act as supporters of Agile and will be empowered by management to facilitate the execution of Agile processed in the organisation. They are equipped with the power and the knowledge to make things happen. Our work is centred around creating these profiles, transferring the relevant information and authority so they can directly support Agile teams when they need help, particularly related to things outside of their team. We look into both culture and structural processes and procedures. Our programmes here usually take a few days of training, coaching and discussions.

Agile Coaches

We encourage firmly the development of Agile coaching expertise internally. It is an element crucial for the success of any Agile implementation. Here we work with future coaches and, in addition to validating the knowledge, we discuss in details all the traps and potential pitfalls of doing Agile as well as sharing from our previous experience in similar situations. As a result, people doing this job will display professionalism and excellence when dealing with any particular Agile-related issue.

Agile Management

We contribute with all our resources, knowledge and experience to transform the management function into something that Agile teams will find helpful to work with. At this level we operate with a change of mindset but also a change of structure moving towards a cross-functional organisation with teams of generalising specialists that are value-driven and result-orientated. Our involvement here ranges from a couple of days from weeks or even months of working together.

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