Why do Agile Implementations Fail?

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Lack of commitment

They say they want to be agile but in reality, they don’t! And they’ll even show you how they value more things like¬†predictability¬†and management over agility.

Inadequate resources

Most people believe they have all it takes internally. And some actually might! But moving your organisation to Agile takes all the resources, expertise and knowledge that exists out there.

We think we know everything

Sometimes we tend to overestimate our skills and use them in the wrong workplace. Lovely quote: “75% of people think they are in top 25% regardless of the topic!”

No real plan or roadmap

As the old saying goes: failing to plan is planning to fail! Maybe “plan” is not the right word here but at least a roadmap or some sort of idea of what you want to achieve and by when.

Looking for recipes on how it should work

…and still we all love articles that start with “Five reasons…”. When it comes to implementing agile none of those works. It is on you! Entirely!