What is Fake about Agile?

Let’s looks at some of the most famous myths about Agile.

▸ There is no planning is Agile
▸ There is no documentation in Agile
▸ Train people on Agile and they be able to do Agile
▸ Get a coach and he/she will fix all the problems
▸ Agile only works for IT
▸ You can learn Agile by attending a training course
▸ In time you will master Agile
▸ You have to reach a superior maturity level
▸ The Scrum Master doesn’t work
▸ Daily stand-up is a reporting meeting
▸ We’ll just copy and paste what other companies are doing
▸ Our culture makes it impossible to implement Agile
▸ Our technology is too old for Agile
▸ Management will never support it
▸ It only works for small teams
▸ You cannot plan for long term
▸ Agile is Scrum
▸ We are not ready yet

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