We All Want More Money

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We just did this experiment with one of our customers and the result was shocking. Different team members were insisting on getting a raise. So far, nothing new! They all try that once in a while, don’t they? But instead of negotiating, or just saying no, we decided to play a little game.

We asked each of them do correlate the increase of pay with whatever they thought they can do in terms or efficiency improvement. Furthermore, we ask them to determine themselves the value of the raise. Basically, you say how much money you want, you tell me what you’ll do for it and you’ll get it. On one condition! If the improvement doesn’t happen you return all the money! Now, to make this very clear, this is a zero risk deal, right? By now you’re probably guessing the result of our experiment. Yes, nobody wanted the raise anymore!

So maybe it is time to stop fooling ourselves that money matters! It does, but not that much!