Two types of people

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Do you know the old joke, there are 10 types of people? Those who can understand binary and those who don’t. This is pretty much the same. Broader only!

Our work with different companies and environment has led us to believe that it is safe to oversimplify and consider people, at least in a business context, fall under two categories: workers and achievers.

Yes, the pejorative choice of words is deliberate. We could have picked “those who care about tasks” and “those who focus on deliverable”. But no, they are “workers” and “achievers”.

– focus on completing tasks,
– care about fulfilling duties,
– are good at threat management,
– are viewed as being generally nice guys,
– are good at learning and applying best practices,
– think it’s all about the “how” and less about the “what”.

– focus on getting it done, seldom at any cost,
– are fighting barriers and blockers,
– usually ignore or bend unofficial rules or customs,
– are good at opportunity management,
– know that “Five steps to…” doesn’t usually apply,
– are great at working with less information,
– think it is mostly about the “what” and less about the “how”.

Now, any stupid article would conclude with the dumb question “so, which one are you?”. This is not the question. The real question is whether what you are doing today is really a job and if it will still be a job in a couple of years.