Training Courses: Kanban at Work

Kanban at Work

Understand how flow works, how you can achieve it and how to avoid blockages and bottlenecks.

Why Kanban?

Kanban is known as an efficient method for managing work – especially the kind based on knowledge – which balances demand for results with team availability. Work items are visualised so progress is visible throughout the life cycle of from concept to delivery.


  • Project managers
  • Team members (developers, testers, analysts, etc.)
  • Team leads and managers
  • Business people


 General Introduction
·       Quick introduction to Agile
·       Agile Methodologies
·       When to use Lean and Kanban
Kanban Concepts
·       Visualise the flow
·       Limit work in progress (WIP)
·       Manage flow
·       Make policies explicit
·       Improve collaboratively
·       Understanding the definition of done (DoD)
Kanban Roles
·       The customer
·       The coach
·       The team members
How to Implement
·       A few tips and tricks
·       Traps to avoid
·       The roadmap to follow


  • This course in available in English, French, German


  • 2 days in classroom
  • Also available as online or virtual delivery
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