Training Courses: Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management

Unlock the power of Earned Value Management (EVM) with our comprehensive course. EVM integrates scope, schedule, and resource measurements to evaluate project performance and progress accurately. Learn to implement an effective Earned Value Management System (EVMS) by mastering principles, methods, processes, practices, and tools tailored to optimize project performance. Join us now and gain the skills needed to elevate your project management game to the next level!


Project Managers
Program Managers
PMO Officers
Executives and Managers


   – What is earned value management (EVM)?
   – Basic EVM concepts
   – Relationship with portfolios and programs
   – Benefits of the application of EVM
   – Conditions necessary for successful EVM implementation
   – Considerations for the project charter
   – Considerations for stakeholders
   – Determining the applicability of the EVM system (EVMS)
Planning the project
   – Developing the project management plan
   – Developing data and integrating the scope, schedule, and cost baselines considering resources and risks
   – Setting the performance measurement baseline
   – Applying EVM in an agile/hybrid environment
Executing, monitoring, and controlling
   – Collecting data
   – Managing performance stakeholder and communication considerations
   – Integrated change control
   – Process improvement
   – Incorporating EVM into project closeout
   – Knowledge management of earned value (EV)


Fully aligned to PMI’s Standard for Earned Value Management


  • This course in available in English, French, German


  • 2 days in classroom
  • Also available as online or virtual delivery
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