eLearning: Project Management Fundamentals

eLearning: Project Management Fundamentals

This course introduction to project management which clarifies the key processes, methods and concepts of project management.

It consists of 36 lessons grouped into 9 modules which cover all the relevant competencies of project management: scope, time, cost, quality, risks, quality, communications, project team.


  • Learning progress based on individual pace
  • Comprehensive introduction to project management
  • Exercises to apply knowledge and get better understanding
  • Examples and instruction on how to apply the knowledge


  • newcomers to project management
  • junior project managers
  • members of project teams
  • experienced managers

Learning Objectives

  • understand the key concepts of project management
  • apply project management methods and tools into practice
  • be able to manage a small or medium size project
  • contribute to project success as a team member


  • Project initiation and organisation
  • Scope definition and development of the concept
  • Planning of activities and resources
  • Risk analysis, monitoring and control
  • Estimations, budget and cost control
  • Quality planning and control
  • Performance control and change management
  • Training and team building, communication
  • Project closing, lessons learned

Average duration: 12 hours

Available in: English, French, German

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