eLearning: Advanced Project Management

eLearning: Advanced Project Management

“Advanced Project Management” is a tool for senior project managers who already have some experience in managing projects. The course deals with more complex methods and tools.


  • In-depth knowledge of project management techniques
  • Knowledge enforced by exercises
  • Numerous examples and appendixes
  • Comprehensive, illustrative and in-depth;
  • Rich in soft skills such as team leading, conflict management, negotiation, etc.
  • Good foundation for IPMA certification (D, C, B)


  • Methodology, stakeholders and roles within a project
  • Estimations of costs and duration, planning and schedule, communication
  • Distribution and supervision of work, integration management, quality assurance, performance reports and earned value analysis
  • Identification, quantification, criticality and cost of risk
  • Risk response and monitoring
  • Supply management, contract management
  • Acquisition and development of the team, diagnostic and measures
  • Problem solving, negotiation, conflict management
  • Business and projects, processes, project marketing

Average duration: 18 hours

Available in: English, French, German

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