In their own words…

“The trainer showed mastery of the subject as well as an extensive field experience that gained him trust from my colleagues.” – Alex, Studio Manager

“Our collaboration was very fruitful as they fully understood our challenges and pro- posed very practical solutions.” – Noël, General Manager

“Our participants enjoyed the course and learned a lot about project management. I am confident that this will improve the cost and schedule on our projects.” – Michael, Asset Manager

“Our team was very impressed with the subject matter expertise, as well as the condensed yet efficient training methodology. Many thanks for the overall contribution and dedication” – Robert, Group Manager

“We found the trainer a real professional, very passionate about what he’s doing, having a good attitude and an open approach towards people.” – Diana, HR Director

“We are very happy to work with Rolf Consulting for almost a year now, through various sessions: software development process audits, trainings, agile software devel- opment classes and more. Great value, professionalism and expertise – highly recommended.” – Alex, Founder & CEO