Success and Failure in Project Management

While everybody has an opinion on this topic, the Standish Group report is still an interesting reading.

Success DriversFailure Causes
1. User Involvement
2. Executive Management Support
3. Clear Statement of Requirements
4. Proper Planning
5. Realistic Expectations
6. Smaller Project Milestones
7. Competent Staff
8. Ownership
9. Clear Vision & Objectives
10. Hard-Working, Focused Staff
1. Lack of User Input
2. Incomplete Requirements & Specifications
3. Changing Requirements & Specifications
4. Lack of Executive Support
5. Technology Incompetence
6. Lack of Resources
7. Unrealistic Expectations
8. Unclear Objectives
9. Unrealistic Time Frames
10. New Technology
The Standish Group Report Chaos 2020

The Challenges Project Managers Need to Overcome When Going Agile

With Agile and Scrum, the process or framework is the easy part, while the ‘soft part’ – the people and culture, is much more complicated. This is because they rely much more on people and values, unlike more methodology-driven processes that are learnt until you can do them. But how good is methodology when it comes to innovation? 

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