Mastering the Art of Influencing People

In the dynamic landscape of project management, the ability to influence people is not just a valuable skill; it’s a cornerstone for success. As a project manager, your role extends beyond task delegation and timeline management – you are a leader who must navigate through various stakeholders, each with their unique perspectives and priorities. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of learning to influence people, identify key areas in a project where influence plays a crucial role, and conclude with the powerful influencing techniques proposed by renowned psychologist Robert Cialdini.

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Reflect to Perfect: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Retrospectives

Retrospectives, often associated with the realm of agile project management and team processes, are equally vital for individuals seeking personal growth and effectiveness. As a deliberate exercise of reflection, retrospectives offer profound benefits for anyone willing to pause and review their past actions and experiences.

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A Kanban Crash Course

In today’s fast-paced project management landscape, the ability to optimize workflow and swiftly address blockers is crucial for success. Among the plethora of methodologies, Kanban shines as a visual and efficient approach that empowers teams to streamline their processes. Rooted in the manufacturing sector of Japan, Kanban has evolved into a widely adopted project management method worldwide. In this comprehensive crash course, we’ll delve into the core principles of Kanban, focusing on maximising flow, eliminating blockers, and understanding the pull versus push concept.

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