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Be more Agile

About Rolf

Who We Are

We are a small and agile organisation whose firm belief is that we can do better. We can all do a little better when it comes to the products we’re building and how happy are customers actually are with our products.

We can also do a little better (or maybe a lot!) when it comes to how we spend our time, how we work and how we make the best of our skills, competencies and creativity.

With offices in Switzerland and Germany, we serve customers all over the world.

What We Do

Our business is making sure our skills and competencies are of service to you and will help you increase the effectiveness of your operations and the efficiency of your people.

  • Agile training courses to get your people ready
  • Agile coaching so you are never alone
  • Agile consulting to increase the accuracy of your execution


Florian manages the day-to-day operations while also doing some work himself ;-)


Florian Ivan

Managing Director, Agile Trainer & Coach

What keeps us busy

Our Portfolio

Some of our customer references

What our clients say

WOW, the training delivery approach was excellent! The trainer kept me engaged throughout the 2 days, referencing his years of experience, which brought the content to life. I would say that he is a guru in his area, and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a trainer.


The trainer has a deep understanding of the subject both from experience and a theory. He manages to convey it in a very interesting way, and our employees are very satisfied.


I attended the Agile Estimating course and can recommend the trainer as a highly competent instructor for Agile topics. His many years experience in Lean and Agile enable him to convey difficult subjects with ease and answer our work related questions and practical issues with aplomb.

Crédit Suisse

Kalanderplatz 1

Rue du Rhone 14,

Schleißheimer 173

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