About us

The Belief

We are a small and agile organisation whose firm believe is that we can do better. We can all do a little better when it comes to the products we’re building and how happy are customers actually are with our products. We can also do a little better (or maybe a lot!) when it comes to how we spend our time, how we work and how we make the best of our skills, competencies and creativity.

The Tools

We rely on agile – principles, tools, practices, methodologies, thinking – to deliver on our promise and transpose our belief into reality. For those who want just an agile course yes, we do that too. But we tend look beyond our tools and focus on end results. A tool – be it very agile – is just as valuable as its usage!

Why Agile?

It’s proven! Agile – the way we know it – has been around since the 50s and many organisations and industries have an impeccable track record of using it. It’s also very much suitable to the current environment which shifts at an unprecedented speed.

The Proof

Over the last 6 years we’ve been working with hundreds of organisations and our joint efforts have proven us that these tools work. We train over 1000 people each year and they all tell us this is the right way. Might not be easy but for sure is highly regarded as the way to thrive in the future!

Our Team

All our trainers and coaches bring a wide range of experiences and stories. They also hold the world’s most reknown certifications: CSP, CSP, CST, PMI-ACP, PSM, PMP, Prince2. The last two are just so we can understand what some people are saying when they talk!